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At Tooth Port Dental , we’re committed to making dental care convenient and accessible. That’s why we offer Direct Insurance Billing! You should not to worry about the reimbursement, we wait for you. 

Direct Insurance Billing means that upon completion of your dental procedures, we can electronically submit your claim to your insurance company who will pay our office directly. This means that you do not have to pay for any of your covered dental treatment upfront and then wait for your insurance company to pay you back.


The only time that you would be responsible for paying a fee would occur if there is any difference between your insurance coverage and the cost of your dental treatment which is your co-payment. For example, if your insurance company pays for 80% of the cost of your treatment, you would only be responsible for paying the other 20% at our office, due at the day of completion. 


With your permission, we will communicate with your insurance company on your behalf and collect your insurance breakdown at the time of your first visit. This will give our staff the details of your policy including yearly maximums, covered dental procedures, and your eligibility and frequency for a new exams or x-rays.  Direct insurance billing is a courtesy services provided by our office and we always do it for you and your family.

Meanwhile, the policyholder you are responsible for knowing your insurance limits and keeping track of your coverage amounts.

We’re always available to help! Should you have any questions regarding your policy, please contact us.

For any payment not covered by insurance you may pay using Cash, Visa, Mastercard, or Interac Direct Payment. 

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